baby photoshoot preston

    How to prepare for baby photoshoot

    How to prepare for baby photoshoot

    Today I’m going to give you few tips on how to prepare for baby photoshoot.

    First of all, congratulations on your new baby. Thank you for choosing me to photograph your little baby on her/his first days of life. Professional newborn photography is the best way to capture your new love in their tiniest and most precious form. Here you can find few tips how to prepare for the baby photoshoot and what to expect.


    For baby:

    • Please try to feed baby before you leave for the photoshoot
    • If you are breastfeeding, please try to eliminate caffeine from your diet for 48h prior to your session
    • If bottle feeding, please bring extra bottles with you if we need to feed baby during the photoshoot, it’s totally normal if baby wants more milk than usually
    • Dress baby in button outfit, the best would be nothing that goes over baby’s head
    • Please bring a pacifier. Even if you haven’t used one yet or baby doesn’t seem to take to it, just for the 2-3 hours that I’m posing baby it can really help. However if you really prefer that we don’t use one, that is fine as well.
    • Try to keep baby awake for about 30-90mins before session if possible
    • Babies that have been asleep prior to arrival are unfortunately the babies that are more difficult to pose because as soon as the blanket comes off, they wake up and it’s more difficult to make them asleep again so keeping in mind those tips will help us a lot, I know it’s hard but it will be worth the effort!


    For parents:

    • The studio might be very warm so please dress in layers
    • You can bring some snacks for you and your family as the session may take up to 3-4h
    • If you would like some family photos, please bring some white, light colour tops, black ones are fine as well. I wouldn’t recommend to wear tops with writings on.
    • Please don’t stress if baby doesn’t want to fall asleep or is a bit fussy. The key to getting good images is to be patient. Relax and try to enjoy the quiet while I work.


    I’m based in Preston, Lancashire. I’m on the first floor so the best would be to just bring baby in a car seat, but if you bring the pram, I’ll be happy to help you with carrying it upstairs.

    For few more informations and newborn gallery please click here.

    Thank you again for choosing me and I will see you on the session.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask on messenger or by email:



    baby photoshoot Preston

    Baby Photoshoot Preston

    I did this baby photoshoot few months ago in my studio in Preston city centre. I plan to start doing photoshoots at people’s homes. If you think that is something for you please message me and I will give you more details. I will cover Manchester, Liverpool, Preston and other surrounding areas. The cost will depend of your post code.

    This beautiful princess was a dream to photograph because I could do every pose with her and she was not bothered at all.

    I think I saw her eyes open just once during the photo shoot.

    I have managed to take family pictures (in colour and black and white). Also I did lots of different pictures of baby on her own and with sibling.

    Her lovely brother was cooperating so well and was careful with his little baby sister. Mummy was always next to them just in case baby moves however we didn’t need her help. His mum can be really proud.

    Please notice that I provide all the props and outfits. You can choose the set ups and outfits for the session or just let me do it. For instance you can just let me know about colour or props preferences. I usually ask questions on the begin of the session because I want to make sure I use things you like as I have large selection of set ups. All my props are the best quality. The outfits designed to feel comfy and to avoid irritation. Natural and breathable fabrics.

    If you would like to book a photoshoot or for other info message me here contact me. You can email me: however if you prefer you can also message me on Facebook.

    If you would like to see more baby photos go to my gallery.

    baby photoshoot preston baby photoshoot preston


    MATERNITY photo shoot in Preston

    Maternity photo shoot

    Some time ago I had a chance to do a maternity photo shoot in Preston for this lady.

    The weather was so lovely so we have decided to take few photos in the park.

    We have chosen nice Avenham Park in Preston because that’s my best place for outdoor maternity and family photo shoots.

    If you thinking about booking bump photo shoot please notice that I provide the dresses. I can also provide make up and hair for the extra cost.

    For booking and other info please contact me via website.  However if you prefer you can also send me an email: or visit my Facebook page.

    Maternity photoshoot preston maternity photoshoot preston

    Maternity Photo Shoot in Preston.