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    The best photographer Preston!

    The best photographer!


    Newborn photoshoot Preston

    How to choose the best photographer in Preston, the perfect match for you and your family? That question is difficult and not many people know how to find the right photographer for themselves. There is so many new, unexperienced “photographers” that you may end up being not happy with your photos. I’m going to try to answer to that question but also explain you how I work with my clients and why they come back to me, why you should trust me.


    Choosing a photographer is exciting but also bit stressful as usually you don’t know who is behind the beautiful photos so first thing what I would recommend is:

    • ask your family and friends for referrals
    • search online for photographers and check their reviews, “about me” page, check if they have some photos of themself on the website so you can see who you will be working with

    It is important to find the best match for yourself as those pictures you will treasure for life, you have one chance to do newborn session as babies grow too quick and when you receive the photos from photographer and you are not happy with them, your baby will be already too old for another newborn session.

    Check their galleries.

    Their work should sing to you, you should “feel something” looking at their pictures. You will be coming back to your baby photos for years and think about the feeling you will have, most of my customers cry when watching their baby photos. They change so quick that you will be happy you have those little feet, hands etc captured.  You can find my newborn gallery here.

    Their qualifications and newborn safety.

    Choosing not experienced and not qualified photographer means putting your baby in a risk. Newborn session might be bit stressful on the begin and imagine giving your baby to the person you can’t trust.

    I am qualified, insured and I have done loads of courses about newborn safety, posing etc. I am in this business since 5 years, I photograph hundreds babies every year.

    Do you know that baby should never be left to support their own head weight or be left to balance on their own. That’s why I know many composite techniques so I can deliver some people’s favourite poses by editing them in Photoshop.


    Check if they are insured.

    I hope you will not need to use their insurance.

    What the photographer provide for the session.

    Do they have a studio with loads of props or you need to provide it yourself.

    I provide all the props and outfits for newborn sessions, I have some outfits for older kids and maternity dresses too so you can always message me to check if I have size of your baby or yours booking maternity photoshoot.

    I have my own studio in Preston city centre and that’s where I do newborn baby photoshoots.


    The last thing is to check their pricing. A professional newborn photographer, qualified, experienced will cost you a few hundred pounds. It’s true that you get what you pay for.

    The cheap photographer will not put so much love, passion, time creating your beautiful pictures, you will get so many digital photos from them but you will not be proud of them. You want your baby photos to be art, you want to put it on the wall so everyone can admire and it will be decoration on your wall.

    I have been contacted so many times to book last minute as people chose the cheap photographer and been disappointed. You don’t want to feel this way. This needs to be beautiful experienced.

    The photos are really worth the investment!

    Do your research, ask questions and you will find the best photographer Preston!

    If you have any questions and would like to check if I’m the right for you, the best photographer in Preston please message me here or contact via facebook  or email: victoriaphotographypreston@gmail.com


    Before booking baby photoshoot

    Few things you should know before booking your baby photoshoot !


    Few things you should know before booking your baby photoshoot:

    1. When should I book my baby photoshoot?

    The best time to book your newborn photoshoot is just after 20th week of pregnancy but at least a month or two before your due date will be fine too.

    If baby has already arrived please get in touch as soon as possible, I still may have some availability.

    2. What if baby arrives early or late?

    If baby arrives early or late, that is no problem. I book limited number of sessions each month to make sure I can fit everyone in. I just always ask parents to contact me till 3 days after birth to arrange exact session date, the sooner you contact me, you have more dates to choose from.

    3. What is the best age for baby photoshoot?

    The best time for newborn session is between 5-14 days but I do newborn sessions up to 3 weeks as from my experience I know that is still okay, babies are still curly, sleepy and it’s not much more difficult to pose baby. After that time newborns starts to be more awake and stretch out.

    I know they are so fragile and tiny in their first weeks but I can assure you, they are in safe hands. I photograph hundreds of babies every year and I’m doing it since 5 years.

    4. How long is the newborn session?

    The session time depends of the package you choose. It usually takes from 2h till 4h.

    Sometimes standard session takes more than 2 hours as baby is not in a mood but that’s okay as I’m prepared for that and some bigger packages take just 2 hours because baby is sleeping so well that we don’t need more time.

    5. Where the session takes place?

    The session is done in my fully equipped photography studio in Preston city centre. I provide all the props and outfits for baby.

    If you would like to read about how to prepare for the newborn photoshoot please click here.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me via email victoriaphotographypreston@gmail.com or on Facebook.



    baby photoshoot Preston

    Baby Photoshoot Preston

    I did this baby photoshoot few months ago in my studio in Preston city centre. I plan to start doing photoshoots at people’s homes. If you think that is something for you please message me and I will give you more details. I will cover Manchester, Liverpool, Preston and other surrounding areas. The cost will depend of your post code.

    This beautiful princess was a dream to photograph because I could do every pose with her and she was not bothered at all.

    I think I saw her eyes open just once during the photo shoot.

    I have managed to take family pictures (in colour and black and white). Also I did lots of different pictures of baby on her own and with sibling.

    Her lovely brother was cooperating so well and was careful with his little baby sister. Mummy was always next to them just in case baby moves however we didn’t need her help. His mum can be really proud.

    Please notice that I provide all the props and outfits. You can choose the set ups and outfits for the session or just let me do it. For instance you can just let me know about colour or props preferences. I usually ask questions on the begin of the session because I want to make sure I use things you like as I have large selection of set ups. All my props are the best quality. The outfits designed to feel comfy and to avoid irritation. Natural and breathable fabrics.

    If you would like to book a photoshoot or for other info message me here contact me. You can email me: victoriaphotographypreston@gmail.com however if you prefer you can also message me on Facebook.

    If you would like to see more baby photos go to my gallery.

    baby photoshoot preston baby photoshoot preston



    MATERNITY photo shoot in Preston

    Maternity photo shoot

    Some time ago I had a chance to do a maternity photo shoot in Preston for this lady.

    The weather was so lovely so we have decided to take few photos in the park.

    We have chosen nice Avenham Park in Preston because that’s my best place for outdoor maternity and family photo shoots.

    If you thinking about booking bump photo shoot please notice that I provide the dresses. I can also provide make up and hair for the extra cost.

    For booking and other info please contact me via website.  However if you prefer you can also send me an email: victoriaphotographypreston@gmail.com or visit my Facebook page.

    Maternity photoshoot preston maternity photoshoot preston

    Maternity Photo Shoot in Preston.